About the STAR Board

About South Texas Atheists for Reason (STAR) Board

STAR was created by secular families for secular families. We wanted a positive environment to live our own truths without judgement, without fear of retaliation, and real support without religion. Like don’t pray for me, but make me a sandwich type of support when your family is dealing with good or bad situations. Our purpose is to be a support group, friendship circle, and positive place to be where you feel comfortable to be your authentic self. We all have issues in life and we are finding that we can deal with them more effectively with a positive, supportive group of people who truly care, and we can do it without any god.

Executive Director – Victoria “Vicki” Gettman
Victoria Gettman - Executive Director of STAR Board

  • Bachelors of Science in Health Science Clinical Lab
  • Masters of Science in Healthcare Management
  • US Army (Retired)
  • Humanist Chaplain and Humanist Celebrant
  • Director of JBSA Military Atheists and Secular Humanists
  • Texas State Director at American Atheists
  • Founder of Atheists Helping the Homeless, San Antonio
  • Director of San Antonio Affairs at Military Religious Freedom Foundation
  • Recipient, President’s Award 2016, American Humanist Association

Vicki is the founder and force behind South Texas Atheist for Reason. She is the mother of 5 and wife of 20 years to Jed. She has been the Executive Director of the STAR Board since its inception and continues to guide with her passion and vision. Vicki’s goal is to build relationships with other groups, keep STAR on track with our mission, and find Activism events that STAR can be involved and further the purpose.

Director of Administration – Vacant


Director of Finance- Chad Cain
Chad Cain - Director of Finance of STAR Board

  • Bachelors of Science in Sociology
  • Atheist/Humanist Volunteer

Chad has been an active member of STAR since early 2016. He has been leading the Atheist at Work events such as the Clean up at the Headwaters, Planting trees for San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Food Bank, as well as coordinating the supplies for the Homeless Outreach. His new role on the board as the Treasurer has been a welcomed presence of commitment and steady dedication to STAR. Chad is also responsible for supporting engagement and participation in community service programs.


 Director of Operations- Jed Gettman

Jed Gettman - Director of Operations of STAR Board

  • Anti-theist/Humanist Volunteer

Jedediah was born in Colorado, but grew up in four different states. He joined the military in 1996 as an infantryman, and met his wife Victoria at their first duty station in Hawaii. They were married in 1997 and they have five children.  Jedediah was in the Army for 10 years. He was medically discharged in 2006, and is currently attending the University of Texas San Antonio, studying for a BSc in Criminal Justice with a view to becoming a game warden. Jed is also responsible for the accountability of the board members, general marketing duties, assisting in operations of the duties of the board.





Director of Social Media- Vacant



Coordinators – Assistants to the Directors

Nebula Logo
Nebula – Vacant

Nebula is a program to help the mom’s of little ones. Most moms of those under 5 years of age find themselves unable to socialize with other secular families. This offers the moms and children to have play dates. There are often takeaways and fun activities.


Director of Programs- Vacant


Special Advisors to the Board

Erica Cain – Special Advisor to the Board

Dr. Erica Cain is a microbiologist and a former President to a successful non-profit organization.


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We are a non-profit organization and are considered tax exempt. If you require our EIN, please contact us at southtexasatheistsforreason@gmail.com

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