February 20, 2018

Afraid to Step Out – We got you

Are you a person who is interested in joining STAR or meeting new people but afraid to step out and make that next move? We get it. I once followed a group on Meetup for a year and then decided to go to an event. I watched them from a few tables away, but then left without introducing myself. I was so nervous. It’s difficult to connect or even say that I was an atheist out loud because of fear of the unknown. I waited a few more months and tried again with my husband and it was the first time I acknowledged in public that I was an atheist. I was sitting with other “out atheists” and it felt good. I found my new path. It was the best intellectual conversations we have had in years! How refreshing.

Thanksgiving Dinner crowd for 2017

This is where first I met Vicki from STAR. We hit it off right away. Vicki, along with her husband Jed and a few others had just started the group and were building the programs and social events. I was not sure at first but then I went to a few events and realized that this was the place for me. Being a part of a group of people that got me and encouraged me and validated me as a human being and as a mother was so different from my previous toxic relationships. I am no longer feeling ostracized, I’m accepted. I’m no longer wondering what to do on my time off, I have purpose. It is to make a positive change in the world.

I have heard that a lot of people who leave the church feel a sense of loss because they no longer have the fellowship and feeling of belonging. Most of us were believers by default as well. But we have created our own community that allows us to be our authentic selves. You don’t have to pretend, its exhausting. Its time to start living and appreciating our godless, heathen lives.

STAR has a very diverse group and we celebrate our differences. Along with that, we share the same values and morals. We believe in education, loyalty, acceptance, advocacy, encouragement, continuous improvement, and compassion. We want our children and our friend’s children to be strong and well-rounded in reality and compassionate to others.

We have more work that needs to be done, and we need your help. If this sounds like something that fits you, come check us out. We have weekly events and if you have any questions, someone is online almost 24/7.

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