March 9, 2018

Have you met Chad?

Chad Cain is our Director of Finance, or otherwise known as the Treasurer. He’s been an active part of STAR since 2016. He has been an important part of our growth and hard work. He’s is a stay-at-home dad of twins and married to Dr. Erica Cain. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology. He has been leading the Atheist at Work events such as the Cleanup at the Headwaters, Planting trees for San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Food Bank, as well as coordinating, ordering, and keeping inventory of the supplies for the Homeless Outreach. His role on the board as the Treasurer has been a welcomed presence of commitment and steady dedication to STAR. Chad is also responsible for supporting engagement and participation in community service programs. Chad is a great sport on game night. He’s at most events both community service and social.

Here are a few pictures of Chad in action. Its important that you notice he changes his hair and facial hair pretty often. If you see him, say hi.






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