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STAR members are involved in the following podcasts.

  1. Cognitive Dissonance Episode 296 (starts around 41:20)
  2. Ra-men Podcast
  3. Dogma debate episode 168
  4. Godless rebelution episode 99
  5. No religion required episode 115
  6. Recovering from Religion – New episodes will be published on the first Friday of each month.


The app that will help you find a secular event in your area, anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

Their is an app for your phone that really helps one to learn to have more productive, less aggressive,
discussions with theists: by T.P.


The Thinking Atheist


Amazon’s List of Best Sellers


  1. Why Atheism is more popular than ever
  2. 10 Big Misconceptions about Atheism
  3. Street Epistemology (SE): Antoni | Believing Without Question – submitted by T.P.
  4.  The Atheist Experience TV Show submitted by T.P.
  5. Bart Campolo talks


  2. Richard Dawkins Foundation
  3. Cognitive Dissonance (not for the faint of heart or children) submitted by T.P.
  4. Anytime you need to look up reference work that is scientific, peer-reviewed and so on:
    (for example, a simple search for “change of species” brings up over 867k documents) submitted by T.P.
  5.  Two excellent go to’s for quick refutations of many theist arguments:
    and submitted by T.P.
  6. Definitely worth having in your favorite links: submitted by T.P.
  7.  A really good starting point for learning about evolution, with links to go about as far as one would want
    (unless you are a researcher in this field!): submitted by T.P.
  8. – Humanist, Community Builders, Motivational Speaker, Relationship builder.
  9. Action list for the Non-Religious

Movies and TV

  1. The Unbelievers 
  2. Religulous
  3. With Whom I am Pleased

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