STAR Galaxy Network


The Galaxy Network is an advertising opportunity for Atheist friendly businesses  and share your goods and services as well as donate to our community. Our goal is for everyone to prosper.

Let’s make San Antonio and surrounding counties the best Atheist services/goods network here in Texas and eventually nationwide.

We ask that you invite as many like minded individuals to the Galaxy Network group as possible. We want to make this group fun, exciting, and honorable with others that share our same ideas and mission in making Atheist, Seculars, Agnostics, Humanist, and all alike to be heard.


Galaxy Network Vendor Rules

1) Select one of the 4 vendor packages to create your business information banner below.
2) Please keep posts to no more than 4 per week on the Galaxy Network Facebook group page
3) When a good/service has been provided, send an email and make us aware of the transaction and the amount. This is for the vendor and the customer.
4) Services/goods provided under $50 we ask for a minimum donation of $5, anything over $50 we ask for a minimum donation of at least $10.
5) Your donation to the STAR organization must be made within 4 days after final sale.

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