August 5, 2016

STAR July 2016 Events

For the month of July 2016, STAR had 9 community service events and 9 social events. We have such an active group. Here are some highlights of some of the events.

Lackland AFB – 5 weekends (10 meetings) providing Humanists Chaplains for the Basic Trainees services every Sunday. The last Sunday had 733 trainees in attendance, the largest record so far!

SARA – San Antonio River Authority – Atheists at Work – Watershed Wise Warriors project. We had 8 people who helped spread mulch on the trails, and pull invasive weeds from the sides of the walking areas. This was at the UIW campus by the Blue Hole.

Atheists at Work – Helping the Homeless – gave away hygiene products to 79 people and had 10 volunteers and all of the customers were able to get what they needed.

Texas Ramp Project – Austin – 2 members volunteered to help with building a ramp in Austin for the disabled.

San Antonio Food Bank – 14 people volunteered to help prepare the tract of land for planting crops to grow food for people in need in the San Antonio area.

There were birthdays, game night, karaoke night, Stary night every Sunday (pools, parks, and Bigz), Pokemon Go Hunt, 2nd Annual Summer Pot Luck, Ice Cream Tasting, and Startender.

Wow, what a month. Looking forward to August! We are still forming a new baby/toddler group called the Nebulas. If you are interested send a message to


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