Volunteer at San Antonio Food Bank



STAR provides volunteers every first Saturday of the month at 8:00 am to help in the San Antonio Food Bank Garden. The Sustainable Garden is where we spend most of our time but we also have had some volunteering efforts in the New Braunfels location.


Please show up on time, ready to work. Bring a container for water, they will provide gloves, work tools, and cold water throughout the morning.  Please wear proper attire for working in the garden such as hat, socks, and comfortable shoes, layered clothing. There is a lot of walking. After the work is completed, the STAR volunteer group, we usually head to lunch at the closest Chipotle.

We love having the little ones with is because it helps them understand a work ethic, where their food comes from, learning community service for the greater good, and its a bonding time for the members. STAR’s mission is community, compassion, and commitment. Learn more about the San Antonio Food Bank’s mission and who they serve.

If you are interested in joining us, please look for the events within our social media channels. There are several pictures of us at the Food Bank. We are proud to be consistent volunteers for over a year.